View from above of a laptop, computer mouse, coffee mug, pens, earbuds, and glasses case on a desk.

We have everything you need to get the job done.

Super fast WiFi



Front desk 8-5, Monday – Friday

Indoor and outdoor spaces for formal meetings, casual collaboration, and solo work.

Open Desks &
Work Stations

  • Sit/stand desks
  • Filing cabinets with lock
Coworking desk space
Phone booths in coworking space

Phone Booths

  • Sound absorbent
  • Semi-private
  • Equipped with small laptop stand, chair, light and fan

Large Conference Room

  • Seats up to 16 people
  • White board
  • OWL video conferencing
  • 2’x3′ monitor
  • Large window for fresh air and sunlight

Conference room at Vert Coworking
Small Conference Room / Podcast Studio at Vert Coworking

Small Conference Room / Podcast Studio

  • Seats four
  • Equipped with small monitor, lights, fan
  • Located on quiet lower level

Private Offices

  • Three secure, private offices
  • Require 6 month lease
Private Offices
Collaborative workspaces

Collaborative workspaces

  • Gather around the tables
  • Chat on the sofas
  • Congregate on the outdoor deck

Mailbox Service

  • P.O. Boxes for your convenience
  • Requires 12 month contract
Mailbox service