Member Profile: Patrick Berryhill

Pat works for a start-up based in St. Louis, Missouri. Since it’s a start-up, he plays a few different roles: software engineer, architect, janitor, people lead, and grumpy old man. His work passion is bringing emerging technologies and people together to create new things in the world.

His life passion is all things outdoors. As an avid trail runner, hiker, camper, kayaker, and recovering mountain biker, living in the Estes Valley is a dream come true.

Pat and his family moved to Pinewood Springs from St. Louis, Missouri in 2020. He and his wife Erin have one child, Patrick. Erin teaches and coaches at Estes Park Middle School and Patrick attends preschool at the YMCA of the Rockies.  

Pat says: The Vert space allows me to balance work, child care pick up (that’s my son’s thermos in the fridge!), exercise, and outside play. I really wouldn’t be able to manage without Vert. The icing on the cake is the folks at Vert—the staff and members are open, friendly, and welcoming. It is such a pleasure to be a part of the Vert community.