Member Profile: Wanderlust Counseling


Q. What is your name?

Wanderlust Counseling

Q. What is your business?

Wanderlust Counseling is a nature-based mental health counseling practice.

Q. Tell us more about your business?

Sure!  Wanderlust Counseling is based around the premise that when we are given the space, time, and right tools, we all have the ability to heal and grow.  Just like our forests after a fire!  Sprinkle in a little compassion, connection, and curiosity and we start to blossom.  While the majority of sessions are in the comfort of my office, we’re constantly bringing in the healing of nature through metaphors and meditation practices.  Even though a lot of my clients start therapy feeling a little lost, we quickly bring in some intention, a north star if you will, and quickly find in our wandering we are discovering and growing.

Q. How did your company begin?

I started Wanderlust Counseling about 2 years ago, shortly after graduating from Naropa University in Boulder.  As an adventurer and explorer myself who likes to spend a lot of time in the mountains, I knew the only path for me was to pave my own path and start my own practice.

Q. How long have you been in the space?

I’ve been in the current space for about 8 months.  I share the office with Rocky Mountain Massage.

Q. How long have you been in Estes Park?

 I’ve lived in Estes for nearly 3 years.

Q. Why did you choose Estes Park?

I originally moved to Estes Park to complete my internship at Harmony Foundation, which was a wonderful experience.  To be honest, I hesitated moving here at first knowing that I couldn’t bring my main adventure partner (Pacer, the Australian Shepard) into RMNP, but quickly found all the other amazing trails around town that I could take her on and from that point on we fell in love with the land of Estes Valley.

Q. What do you have to offer Vert coworking members?

While I don’t believe everyone needs a therapist, I believe everyone could benefit from seeing a therapist.  Some people come to me wanting to work on specific issues, others for growth and personal insight.  And sometimes it’s just nice to have a compassionate, non-judgmental person to vent to.  Even if coworking members in the space don’t want to work with a therapist, I still think I’m a pretty cool person to talk to and a good listening ear 🙂

Q. How do you think a coworking space will benefit your community?

From a therapeutic standpoint, what I ‘ve learned is that connection is key.  People thrive in communities.  Not only do people look out for each other in communities, but everyone learns and grows when we bring in our own individual experiences and ideas.

Fun Questions:

Q. If we went to happy hour, what would you order?

Oh shoot, you’re asking me to make a decision on the spot?  Usually I’m pretty good with any beer that has hints of chocolate or vanilla.

Q. If you could have dinner with anyone, who would it be?

Another tough one!  There are many people that I admire and draw inspiration from, from various backgrounds and walks of life.  If we’re talking about celebrities, there’s a few people who I look up to that are not only good at their craft but use their position and voice to make a difference in the world.  Off the top of my head, I think of Megan Rapinoe, Jim Carey, Will Smith, Glennon Doyle (although we both have  some social anxiety, so that may be interesting), and Rich Roll.  Any of them would be interesting to have dinner with. But truly, I most love having dinner with loved ones, so I’d probably choose anyone in my family.